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Golden Dragon Pharmaceuticals established in 2012 in Hong Kong. During a long period, our experts were cooperating with sports physicians, studying influence of various medications on human organism in a whole, on power growth, endurance growth, as well as positive effect on load stress removal and joints recovery. Due to received experience and our advanced equipment, now it is much easier to achieve good effect in trainings and what is more important it is safe! We use the technology of silver hydroxylation to clean the raw materials. Oil used during production is thoroughly purified leads to maximum effect in shortest terms and does not cause hypostases and painful feelings. The oil is quickly ingested by the human body. This fact is very important while passing doping control tests. We tried hard to create safe products causing minimum side effects and completely harmless for athletes. Our products can help not only professionals to achieve the top shape, but also sport lovers who are eager to support strength and to remain young and healthy. We have received appreciation from athletes and sports experts of China, Japan, Taiwan and Thailand. The pilot test samples of our production were used during preparation for the Olympic Games 2012. Our professional team continues to improve production and create new products. We follow the GMP standards and guidelines to ensure that all our products are safe. Our aim is to help sportsmen to achieve high results, to keep fit and reach a higher life rate! Made for people. Made for winners.With best regards, Golden Dragon Pharmaceuticals Team, Hong Kong, China
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