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As the moment we are dealing with a new challenge which every growing company come across – the splash of fake products. We are highly concerned about the health of our clients and fight strongly against fraud. This section is specially created to detect fake manufactures and suppliers of GD brand.

Recently we have received a number of claims concerning certain supplier. We have made a research of suspicious domain data and can provide the information about this fake company: gd-pharm.hk.

Not every registrar can show information of the domain extension ".hk" (whois). We use www.gandi.net, everyone can try this service to verify the credentials of any domain too.

Ok, let’s go to gandi,net:

1.gdcom whois


After click to "Whois" button you can see date of registration of gd-pharm.com – 06.2013:

2.gdcom cr date


Now check the gd-pharm.hk:

3.gdhk whois


4.gdhk cr date


As we see, gd-pharm.hk domain was registered in October 2018. There is the information about the owner of gd-pharm.hk, as well as the country of origin - Moldova (Moldavia).

Now let’s find some information about the owner of the domain Sergiu Tripac:

tr serg 1 00

tr serg 5 00

Sergiu is the owner of web studio based in Chisinau, Moldova.

This is what internet resources say about Moldova suppliers:

ster fr md


Dear clients, if you run across any suspicious supplier please inform us. If the company proves to be fake, it will be registered in our list of fraud companies here.

Dear customers, please be careful while dealing with non-verified suppliers!

You can always find our authorized distributors and check the verification code.